Opera introduces Opera Mini 4 beta

The Internet Explorer and Firefox (and iPhone?) rival has announced the beta release of its mobile browser.

Opera Mini 4 beta

What's the best way to improve mobile browsing? Make it as flexible and powerful as desktop browsing, only lighter. Opera, the Norwegian rival to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, hopes to replicate the familiarity of the desktop experience with the latest version of its mobile browser, code-named Dimension. So far the response has been positive.

ZDNet's Mobile Gadgeteer, Matthew Miller, has an upbeat, detailed take on Opera Mini 4 beta, particularly its challenge to the iPhone's Web browser. The Opera Watch blog emphasizes Opera Mini 4's emulation of desktop browsing.

Opera.com's online simulator shows off the mini-browser's interface and its new features, such as the on-screen mouse pointer. The best way to try it out, though, is to download it yourself by navigating to http://mini.opera.com/beta from any Java-enabled handset.

Stay tuned for more news on the mobile browser, including our hands-on opinion, as Opera Mini 4 develops from this beta build.

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