Open Hexagon, an open copycat of Hexagon

Despite ruffling some feathers with its entrance, Open Hexagon is an otherwise solid tribute to an already twisted and fun game.

Open Hexagon is a polygonal endurance run that draws heavy inspiration from Terry Cavanagh's Hexagon. Much like its former Web app game, Open Hexagon challenges players in a collapsing environment of walls that cave in. Your goal is to keep a dinky little triangle alive by orbiting around the core while dodging walls and crushing barriers. The game's overall design is a simple pixelated collection of lines and shapes, with some added chiptune tracks to appease the eardrums of our inner geek.

Since its release, the developer, Vittorio Romeo of Vee Software, has received mixed reactions for releasing the game. Cavanagh had already publicly announced that his own PC version was already in the pipeline, so the news of someone beating him to the punch might have been a surprise. In either case, things seem to have been sorted out between Romeo and the original creator, and none of this stops you from grabbing another great take on an already fun game.

Download the game or check out the video preview and sound off with your thoughts.

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