Ode to copy and paste

Stop overlooking the humble copy and paste you so often taken for granted, and find out how to boost its business.

Copy-and-paste functionality is such a fixture in computing that few realized just how much we took it for granted until Apple left it out of the iPhone's initial release--causing uproar--and then offered it two years later, inspiring a standing ovation. Yet despite the elemental status of copy and paste, the feature has changed little over the years. For instance, why is it that the Windows operating system lets you copy and paste only one selection at a time? This week, we show you a clipboard workaround and spotlight M8 Free Clipboard and PasteCopy.NET, two free applications that give copy and paste a big boost.

In software news this week, multinetwork IM client Digsby picked up some new features that mesh with Windows 7, Nuance PDF reader goes free, and Mozilla band-aids five Firefox flaws. If you're a Firefox user, make sure you're up-to-date with the latest patched build.

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