NewsFire RSS reader now free on the Mac

Browsing through bookmarks is one way to get to your favorite news sites, but there's a better and easier solution. Check out this RSS Reader that recently became free to all Mac users with no limitations.

I regularly visit tons of Web sites every day for the latest software updates, blog posts about cool gadgets, and other news sites. But instead of clicking through bookmarks in my Web Browser, I like the ease and convenience of a RSS reader. I recently put together a collection of RSS readers for Windows, but I just found out only a few days ago the developer of one of the best RSS readers for Mac decided to release its product for free.

Once you've set up your feed list, getting the news is extremely easy (Credit: CNET Networks)

NewsFire is a full-featured RSS reader with an easy-to-use interface so you can get your news just how you want it. Simply hit the "+" key in the lower left of the NewsFire interface and type in the address of your favorite news site. NewsFire will quickly scan the site for a feed link and add it to your list. Once you have all of your favorite sites listed, hit Shift-Command-R to refresh all feeds and NewsFire will gather all the latest stories and posts for you. Now when you want to read the latest news, all you have to do is launch NewsFire and click through the sites on the left to bring up all the available stories on the right. What could be easier?

Look under Open Web Browser to switch the browser window behavior. (Credit: CNET Networks)

My one complaint about NewsFire is a small one, but it's easily fixed. When you click on a news story, the page is launched in your default browser behind the NewsFire window. Ideally a newsreader will offers its own window to display stories without leaving the interface, but the way NewsFire launches in the background is not my idea of intuitive. To make it launch the browser window on top of NewsFire when you click the link, go into the NewsFire preferences, click on the Interaction tab, and click the radio button below the section Open Web Browser, which reads "In front of the NewsFire Window." After setting this up, once you find a story you want to read, clicking the link will bring you right to the article.

Though you can get away with browsing through your bookmarks, using a newsreader is far more efficient for getting the information you want. Now that some of the biggest names in Mac newsreaders, like NewsFire and NetNewsWire are free, you should really check out how easy getting your news can be.

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