New tricks for Photoshop, death throes for LimeWire

Photoshop CS5 gets impressive new features, Thumbplay Music updates, LimeWire may be nearing its end.

Photoshop Creative Suite 5 roared out of Adobe's coding lab with a slew of feature changes that spell out actual improvements (unlike the last release's mostly visual overhaul) in this decades-old premium powerhouse of an image processor.

Features that automatically correct your lens and improve the way the editor processes high dynamic range (HDR) are two significant additions. Enhanced 3D image tools and a more effective algorithm for filling in image holes with information taken from neighboring parts of the photo are two others that help make this version of Photoshop a must-have for serious image-manipulators. Get a taste in our hands-on video.

In other news, digital music distributor Thumbplay released a new version of its Windows app, Thumbplay Music, which focuses on letting you create and stream playlists on demand.

If you regularly get your music through, ahem, other means, you might also be interested to know that legal experts predict that peer-to-peer file-sharing service LimeWire is about to be dealt a death blow. So you'd best start looking for alternative solutions now.

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