New RealPlayer adds mobile-friendly features

The latest version of RealPlayer brings improvements to the free application that lets consumers play, manage, share, and move photos, videos, and music across a wide range of devices.

In its rather successful attempts to keep up with the video-hungry masses, RealNetworks started adding some attention-grabbing improvements to its RealPlayer multimedia app last year. First, the software slapped on the ability to quickly and easily download videos from the Web and transcode them to various devices.Then, earlier this year, the company threw in a user-friendly video editing and sharing tool.

Today, RealNetworks announced another update to the software aimed at making it even simpler to manage, share, and transfer your media. Details in the release are scarce as to the actual changes that accomplish this, but company Vice President Peter Kellogg-Smith asserts that the new RealPlayer "provides a simple solution for streamlining and centralizing these videos, photos, and music, making it easier than ever to move, manage, and preserve all your media between screens." It appears that a new drag-and-drop functionality is key to providing this experience for people. In addition, the latest version will support an expanded array of music, photo, and video formats.

The update, which is free and currently available in beta, will also carry over all of the useful features from the previous version. Some highlights include one-click video downloading, the ability to transcode videos directly to dozens of devices, video trimming, and playlist syncing.