New PdaNet 3 masks tethering from carriers

Just as major carriers move to block their customers using tethering apps that bypass their own tethering services, PdaNet releases a new version that can hide its tether connection.

The latest version of connection-tethering app PdaNet masks its tether from your phone service provider, just as major carriers move to block tethered connections that bypass their services and hide unapproved tethering apps from the Android marketplace when viewed over certain carriers' networks. Released on April 30, the major feature update in PdaNet 3.0 (download for Windows x86 | x64 | Mac | Android) is the tethering mask. Additionally, publisher June Fabrics Technologies noted unspecific performance and connection quality improvements.

In addition to supporting wired USB tethering, PdaNet 3.0 also includes support for Bluetooth DUN tethers, and offers an SMS agent from which you can receive and respond to text messages from the computer that's tethered to your phone.

PdaNet has supported installing the Android app on your phone when running your computer-based installer since at least the middle of 2010. To run the tether mask or the SMS agent, right-click on the desktop system-tray icon and choose Settings. Then mouse over Hide Tether Usage, and select Level I. The SMS agent is available from the main system-tray icon menu.

PdaNet comes with a 30-day trial, after which it prevents secure connections via https but otherwise remains unencumbered. The full version costs $19.