Nero's newest multimedia tools

Nero's latest multimedia tools, Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD and Video Premium HD, aim to offer a complete HD experience for creative video enthusiasts.

There are plenty of options--from iTunes to DoubleTwist to Windows Media Player--that will keep the average consumer satisfied in terms of basic multimedia organization and playback. However, if you count yourself among those creative or persnickety enough to delve into the realm of audio and video editing, you may want to consider some more fully featured media tools.

Nero media tools
Nero's latest multimedia tools will be available next month. (Credit: Nero)

That's where Nero's latest products come into play. Today, the company announced Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD and Video Premium HD, two solutions for "creative enthusiasts" that will be available October 15 for $129.99 and $69.99, respectively. Unsurprisingly, the focus in these updates is HD video, a feature that continues to become increasingly popular with the availability of user-friendly recording devices such as the Flip Video MiniHD and the iPhone 4.

Let's start with the standalone video-editing tool, Nero Video Premium HD. This program is essentially a more feature-packed version of Nero Vision Xtra, which has also enjoyed some upgrades (namely improved background rendering and the ability for users to export movies to Flash Video). In addition to including all of the video-editing tools found in Xtra, Video Premium HD offers Blu-ray disc authoring and playback as well as the Nero Creative CollectionPack, which consists of a picture-in-picture effects generator, transitions effects, and movie theme packs.

Nero Vision Xtra

For even more functionality, you can turn to Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD, which encompasses Video Premium HD and adds backup and burning capability. Further, this collection builds upon the multimedia management tools introduced earlier this year in Nero Multimedia Suite 10, tacking on Blu-ray playback capabilities and new tools to help create, edit, burn, back up, and share HD content. More specifically, the newest suite will offer BD-Live 2.0 Blu-ray disc playback and the Move It plug-in, which allows for simpler media transfer and conversion between mobile devices and the PC.

The new Nero multimedia tools seem to incorporate all the necessary features and functionality to compete in the consumer enthusiast space. I'm particularly curious to see how Video Premium HD stacks up against the slightly pricier Sony Vegas. Stay tuned for a full review in the coming weeks.