NBA playoffs info and an excellent golf game: iPhone apps of the week

<p>This week's apps include a brand new app to keep track of the NBA playoff race and a golf game that might be the best yet in its genre.</p>


To go along with my obsession with software, games, and all things iPhone-related, I also have a healthy(?) obsession for basketball. March Madness is over, but there's still the NBA playoffs coming up on April 19. A few teams are still in the playoff race, even with only a few games to go in the regular season. While my team didn't even come close to making the playoffs (Hint: We Believed), I will still be watching a few of the playoff matchups and can't wait to see who makes the NBA Finals.

This week's apps include a brand-new app to keep track of the NBA playoff race and a golf game that might be the best yet in its genre.

NBA Game Time
Use the schedule tab to find the day\'s matchups and find out on what channel you can watch the game (Credit: CNET)

NBA Game Time (free) gives you a no-frills approach to getting your NBA basketball info quickly and easily. Simply launch NBA Game Time and quickly find out scores and game times for games played yesterday, today, or tomorrow (and more if you dig a little deeper). Three tabs across the bottom of the interface let you quickly find out the latest live scores, a schedule for all teams, and current standings (with highlighted playoff clinching teams) to see who still has a chance to squeeze into the playoffs. Pick a matchup in the scores tab to get a complete box score with all the important stats for each player. Check out game times and where to find games on TV using the Schedule tab, and you can even go back in time to the beginning of the season to get box scores for your favorite games.

This app will be useful for quickly finding out when and on what channel to watch playoff games, but I really think it will come in handy more next year. I guess that might be because my team didn't make it, but I know there are plenty of people (whose teams are in the playoffs) who will find this app useful immediately.

Let's Golf
Check the wind speed and make sure you have the club you want for the perfect shot. (Credit: CNET)

Let's Golf ($5.99) is an excellent golf game for iPhone which is a lot like the hit platform game from recent years, Hot Shots Golf. Using crisp, 3D, cartoonlike graphics, Let's Golf lets you play on your choice of four complete 18-hole courses--and you can choose to play the front nine, back nine, or all 18 holes. There are three skill levels and four characters to choose from with varying abilities in different areas (some can drive well, while others recover from bad shots well). Winning a round in tournament mode opens up clothing options for your characters with items that boost specific abilities. That means that along with having player customization, you'll have to choose the gear that makes your character better.

Let's Golf offers three game types including Instant Play, a random assortment of three holes pulled from the collection of courses; Tournament play, to win trophies, open up more courses, and unlock new clothing options; and Multiplayer so you can play with friends on the same Wi-Fi network. Overall, I think golf fans and really any game fan will be amazed at how well this game looks and plays on the iPhone. If you like golf, this game is easily worth the $5.99 price tag.

What's your favorite iPhone app of the moment? Do you have a better NBA stats program I should check out? Have you gotten a hole in one (I've tried, but no luck yet)? Let me know in the comments!

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