Muzix brings queuing to iPhone and iPod Touch

Muzix provides a free on-device music jukebox for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you create on-the-go playlists and add to a now-playing queue.

Muzix is a music jukebox application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch that is centered around on-the-go playback queue creation, a feature not offered by the onboard player. The free app offers a reasonable amount of functionality and a fun way to interact with your music, but the interface isn't the most intuitive we've come across. Still, for those who loathe iTunes but love making playlists, Muzix is worth checking out.

The playback screen is pictured on the left, and the track listing screen on the right.

Before you get started with Muzix, you should know that the experience is more visually thrilling if all of your music has album art attached. The track-listing pages, which are organized in alphabetical order, are small tiles represented by album art. Depending on how much music you elect to add from your library (an action done directly on the device), you may have an overwhelming number of pages. All songs are listed individually as opposed to by album or artist. On the one hand, this makes sense with Muzix's focus as an on-the-fly queue creator. However, flipping through a ton of pages can become tiresome, so it would be nice to see the app streamlined in a future release.

The other issue we had with the interface is that it's not immediately intuitive, and the function buttons on the playback page aren't terribly clear. That said, adding songs to the now-playing queue is as simple as clicking a song icon. In addition to play/pause and track shuttle soft keys, the playback screen features a variety of buttons on the top, including one for deleting tracks from the list and one for turning on repeat. The others are harder to explain because of the aforementioned clarity issue. For example, one icon is a head and shoulders outline, which flips the page to full-screen album art--that doesn't make a ton of sense to us.

Although Muzix could use some improvement to the interface, it performs well, and it adds a useful feature to the iPhone for those who want to create playlists on-the-fly. As long as it remains free, it's worth a look.

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