Must-have apps for Windows, Mac, and more

Check out the latest updates to's collections of the best starter software, from fully free Windows collections to the latest Mac hits to the coolest apps for iOS and Android. has been bringing you collections of "starter kits," the best downloads to get you going on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, since 2008. Along with semi-regular updates to our picks, we've also given the collections a new look so they're easier than ever for you to use.

  • Best apps for Windows covers the free basics such as Web browser, e-mail, music, image editing, and social networking.

  • Best security apps for Windows collects must-have free tools to keep you safe online, from antivirus and anti-malware to privacy protection and encryption.

  • Best utility apps for Windows rounds up the diverse world of free Windows utilities to help you keep your PC running like new.

  • Best apps for Mac offers all that you could want to hit the ground running on your latest Apple desktop or laptop.

    We've got mobile covered, too:

  • Best apps for Android provides you with a group of well-known classics peppered with some more obscure choices we think you'll love.

  • Best apps for iPhone narrows down the hundreds of thousands of App Store apps to the best of the best. Trust us, these are can't-miss picks.

  • Best apps for iPad will help you trick out that new iPad of yours with a top-shelf selection of must-see apps -- especially on that new Retina display.

    So, check 'em out, and let us know what you think!