Mufin Music Player: A different kind of jukebox

Mufin Music Player takes a different tack when it comes to organizing your music collection. Pick any song, and it will provide a playlist of similar-sounding tracks.

When it comes to music software, there is one fact that's impossible to deny: There's no shortage of digital jukeboxes available for download. (Whether you like the choices is another matter entirely). As such, it's a special challenge for companies to get their offerings to stand out from the herd. Magix makes quite the impressive attempt with Mufin Music Player, though.

This handy music manager integrates a digital sound analyzer that aims to provide you with a list of songs similar to whichever track you select at any given moment. In other words, rather than using humans to create playlists, the jukebox uses a program that actually maps out the sound waves of the audio and charts the sound similarities between your songs. You can choose to populate lists from within your own library or from the catalog at, where you can purchase songs directly.

The feature seemed to work quite well in my initial testing, though I didn't have sufficient time with the app to analyze my entire library (a process that can be quite time consuming). A selection of the Modest Mouse song "Bukowski" provided songs by Heart, Korn, and Scissor Sisters, to name a few. It might seem like a strange mix, but the tracks were actually similar in sound.

While there is a paid option that offers some additional visual features, Mufin Music Player is totally free. If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, you can find it exclusively on for the next 24 hours.