Mozilla in the headlines

This week's Windows news was dominated by Mozilla with its latest beta release of Firefox and the development of an interface-tidying add-on.

The majority of Windows news over the past week rests largely on Mozilla's shoulders. Namely, Mozilla released Firefox 4 beta 10. With plenty of competitors breathing down its neck--Microsoft's IE9 in particular--the pressure has been on the publisher to fix the final bugs that lie in the way of a Firefox 4 release. The latest build focuses mostly on stability and performance rather than on new features--although one new option is the ability to start Firefox in safe mode by holding down shift when launching on Windows.

Mozilla also made strides in the Firefox add-on department. While Google's solution to getting the browser out of the way was to turn it into an OS, Mozilla elects to wipe the browser interface entirely in a new addition to Firefox called Home Dash. This add-on from Mozilla Labs' Prospector project reimagines the Firefox interface for Firefox 4 on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It removes nearly all defining features from the interface in an attempt to emphasize the contents of the Web page you're viewing.

We weren't without a bit of news on the security front, though. For one, Kaspersky found a fake antivirus program in ads on ICQ. The ad that showed up in the ICQ window was for a women's clothing company called Charlotte Russe. And don't forget: even mobile devices aren't immune these days. Check out our roundup of security apps for Android.