Mozilla Firefox 3.6 beta released

This week's Download Dispatch for Mac includes Mozilla Firefox (Beta), Xupport, and Solavant. Get all the latest Mac news and software updates in the Download Dispatch for Mac.

Want to see what's in store next for Firefox on the Mac? If you consider yourself a tech-savvy Mac user, check out the latest 3.6 beta release of Mozilla Firefox. New enhancements, like the capability to change the browser's appearance with a single click, improved JavaScript performance, and numerous other tweaks, were designed to make your overall Web-surfing experience better. Like any beta software, make sure to save your important data before you install and run this program. Warning: there may be bugs.

Not an early adopter? Then check out Xupport, the Swiss Army knife of utilities that helps you safely optimize your Mac using several system tools. Our game this week is Solavant, the hardcore Solitaire game with 240 game types and absolutely no hints or cheats--it's just you against the cards.

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