Minus: A positive file-sharing experience

Minus is an online file-sharing Web app with minimal steps: simply drag and drop into the browser. That's it.

When we hear "File-Sharing,", we tend to think of P2P, Torrenting, or even cloud services. Services like DropBox, Fetch.IO, and MegaUpload all support file storage and sharing in some way or another but require a number of steps, such as registration, browsing files, labeling... a process that can easily become messy and time-consuming. Instead, Carl Hu and John Xie strive to remind us of the good ol' days of grade school back when sharing was considered fun, fast, and easy. Their philosophy gave birth to Minus, a Web application that makes sharing files so simple that even a child could do it.

Right off the bat, simply drag and drop your files into the browser. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

Minus is an online file-sharing Web app with minimal steps: simply drag and drop into the browser. That's it.

Instead of touting offers or value services, you are greeted on the Web site with a single direction so elementary that it requires a double take just to confirm it. And truly, it is file sharing in its most simplified elegance. Minus doesn't even require registration (although there are incentives to do so), which is rare in the Webware storage scene.

Quickly view all your uploaded files in a slideshow format. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

Users can choose to make their files public or private and also share their files through popular channels. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET.)

Minus currently supports most photo files, MP3s, docs, and videos. Once files are dragged into the window and uploaded, they will be arranged in a linear gallery. You can click through pictures or listen to your uploaded multimedia content via built-in Flash media player. You can also instantly share links to your uploaded files via shortened URL and even customize the link if you wish to do so. In addition, Minus offers options to download everything in one single zip file, making downloads also convenient. During our tests, uploading files was not only easy, but snappy as well.

Minus boasts three different modes of view: Grid View, Linear View, and Full Screen.

You can register a username and password (optional e-mail!) and access your files across multiple platforms. In addition to its browser-based form, Minus offers comprehensive coverage from desktop applications (Windows, Mac, and Linux) to major mobile platforms (AndroidiOS, and Windows Phone 7).

If you need something uploaded quickly and easily, look no further. Currently, Minus supports an upload limit to 50MB per file, but also boasts unlimited bandwidth and files are kept indefinitely.

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