Microsoft plugs 19 security chinks

May's patch cycle schedule sees Microsoft caulking like crazy, releasing seven critical fixes for 19 flaws. If you use Internet Explorer 7, Office 2007, or Exchange 2007, get your updates here.

Microsoft fixes 19 vulnerabilities
Cybercrooks take advantage of unpatched systems to remotely control their resources. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Microsoft's security update team issued new critical updates on Tuesday, addressing major holes that could allow an attacker full remote access if breached. The patches reinforce Microsoft Windows, including Internet Explorer 7; the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Office, and Excel; and Exchange 2007, the software giant's e-mail system.

CNET's Robert Vamosi has details on each of the seven critical updates, and CNET's Joris Evers discusses how the steady patch releases affect Microsoft's security message.

Microsoft just also issued a final fix for an unexpected flaw discovered in Windows Vista. iTunes users who had attempted to safely disconnect their hardware found their iPods corrupted instead. Microsoft collaborated with Apple to produce this final update for iTunes on Vista.

Computers set to receive Microsoft's automatic updates will incorporate the patches on their own, and updates are also available from Microsoft's new update site, which users can access through the Internet Explorer browser.

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