Meebo releases beta IM app for BlackBerry

Meebo's new BlackBerry app is a new beta release that's best suited to quick text chatting. We've got a hands-on review of the fledgling app here.

Meebo for BlackBerry (beta)
Meebo's brand-new BlackBerry app tackles chatting basics. (Credit: Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

Meebo brings a new instant messaging entrant to BlackBerry today, in the form of a beta release of Meebo for BlackBerry (download). The Web-based IM service hopes to net more users with this app, in addition to those it picked up when Meebo released its iPhone and Android apps.

For the most part, Meebo for BlackBerry beta worked and looked as expected in our tests on a Bold 9700. The app makes use of two tabs to respectively manage your buddy list and contacts. The Menu is home to settings and tools, like logging on to one of your chat accounts. Unfortunately, we didn't find managing those accounts--like changing your password--doable from the mobile app.

Among the features in Meebo for BlackBerry are a search bar to quickly surface contacts, archived chat history, and syncing to, so you can switch between Web and BlackBerry versions. Indeed, if you're logged onto both and the app, chats will show up simultaneously. You can insert emoticons only through the Menu bar, and a lack of file- and photo-transferring functionality makes Meebo's BlackBerry app best suited for speedy text chats.

If you've tried Meebo for BlackBerry, let us know what you think.

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