McAfee's big blunder

A buggy McAfee update clobbered Windows XP computers, and we've got some utilities for the Windows 7 crowd.

The reputation of software security vendors like McAfee hinges on their ability to keep customers out of harm's way. It therefore doesn't sit well when the protector becomes responsible for a major systems meltdown.

Last Wednesday morning, McAfee pushed what would turn out to be a buggy update to its antivirus software. The problem was a whopper, one that caused widespread crashes for home and business users running Windows XP with Service Pack 3. Not good.

In addition to issuing an official apology, McAfee has promised to reimburse the users affected by the faulty software release. We'll have more information on CNET as details emerge.

Is the hullabaloo a sign that it's time for McAfee users to jump ship? Tell us where you stand in the comments.

For Windows 7 users, in addition to the good news that your antivirus app hasn't just turned on you, we've also got a treat: seven utilities to improve on Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system. We hand-picked apps that range from aesthetic enhancers like the free Windows Theme Installer to an ultra-optimizer like Ultimate Windows Tweaker, which won't cost you a dime. You can catch all seven utilities for Windows 7 in our roundup.

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