McAfee and Intel announce cross-device security service LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe integrates facial and voice recognition to protect a user's identity, personal data, and devices.

As consumers begin to own more and more devices, the risks of increased security threats and a greater need for cross-platform protection have emerged, according to McAfee. In a joint partnership with Intel, McAfee announced on Tuesday the all-encompassing security suite LiveSafe.

LiveSafe is a comprehensive set of security measures that protect the files and digital assets that users value most. According to Mike DeCesare, president of McAfee, "Our digital lives have become more complex as we connect, share, and store data through multiple devices."

McAfee addresses the rising need for security across the fragmented landscape of gadgets that users own by looking to a combination of hardware-driven security and encrypted management via the cloud. To this end, LiveSafe developed Personal Locker, a Dropbox-like storage service that lets users manage their more sensitive files over the Internet. In addition to the standard user password approach, McAfee Personal Locker requires a combination of facial and voice recognition to access individual files in the encrypted directory. During activation, users are required to take a picture and record a sentence.

LiveSafe also introduces McAfee SafeKey, which is a personal password manager that lets users securely manage their log-in credentials for more sensitive tasks like online banking.

To prevent leaking from unauthorized breaches of your devices' cache, McAfee claims their approach is protected by confining sensitive data and encrypting it all entirely within the application.

In an effort to market their services as a true multidevice protection suite, LiveSafe will enable users to protect an unlimited number of devices on their account. McAfee has also announced a slew of other features, like remote wiping from a single console in case your device gets stolen.

McAfee is really pushing to educate consumers about security. LiveSafe will be released to the public first through OEM distribution with Dell in June, and a standalone retail version will be released the following month.

**Editorial Correction**

LiveSafe subscription will cost $19.99 for the first year with the purchase of a new PC, tablet, or mobile device, and $79.99, the following year.

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