Mash Facebook, MySpace into one application

The Windows application Sociagami folds MySpace and Facebook accounts into a single desktop app.

As Meebo, Pidgin, and Trillian are to instant messaging, Sociagami is to social networking.

Enter your passwords into the brand new Windows application to manage your Facebook and MySpace accounts from the single, nonskinnable interface. Friends are represented by thumbnail images in two columns by default, but a slider enlarges them to fit single file or reduces them to three or four abreast.

Sociagami interface.

There's some nice functionality here--you can retrieve and submit comments and messages, manage friend requests, view buddies' buddies, and flip through photos in a separate slide show pane. You can add contacts too, if you encounter them in a message or snag them from your friends' social graph, but save your people searches for Facebook or

Sociagami's interface is a little clumsy, and far from the high gloss we've come to expect from new socializing applications. For a start, it needs some spit and polish, skinning options, and a faster way to pluck contacts from a long list, like a search-as-you-type bar. I would also like to update my profile status from the interface as easily as it's updated online. Despite these quibbles, Sociagami is a useful application for maintaining and viewing MySpace and Facebook accounts without being sucked into them, and it keeps a modest physical presence.

Digsby (review)--a similar service that also governs IM networks and e-mail functionality--promises to be a more satisfying application, but while it's in private beta, Sociagami has a chance to edge into your daily routine.

(P.S. Web socialites should try the Flock Browser for Windows and Mac, which offers social network functionality from the browser interface.)

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