Manage tasks from any device with Producteev

Producteev, the fast-growing cross-platform task manager, has just made its way onto Windows 7 desktops and Android mobile devices.

Following its successful runs on the iPhone and Mac platforms, Producteev now makes its way onto Windows 7 desktops and Android mobile devices.

With the circle of cross-platform access now essentially complete, users can keep track of personal tasks or create, store, and collaborate on group tasks, no matter what devices they're using--Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

But that's not all. To go with the shiny new Windows and Android native apps, Producteev is also announcing a host of new features. First, users get built-in integration with TaskRabbit, so they can offer up any of their tasks to TaskRabbit's community of short-term hires. Since more and more small and midsize businesses (some of Producteev's core users) are beginning to open themselves up to crowdsourced labor, the partnership will surely be a useful one.

Another new feature, Task Followers, lets users add members to a discussion about a task without actually assigning the task to them. This is a great way to encourage collaboration without having to necessarily increase members' accountability.

And finally, the apps will all be able to export to CSV, create printable task lists, and add subtasks.

Meanwhile, to reflect all of the new features, the original iPhone app, Mac app, and Web interface have all been refreshed as well.

The Producteev apps (Mac | iPhone | Windows 7 | Android) are all available for free download now. Accounts are free for work spaces with up to two users, while higher tiers start at 5 dollars per month.