On Wednesday, Malwarebytes launched the mobile version of their popular anti-malware application on the Google Play Store. In a press release, CEO Marcin Kleczynski said the following:

"Since computer software has been around, people have been finding ways to attack it through vulnerabilities or through targeting users. The Android mobile operating system is no different. Its success in the consumer space--and its openness--has made it a huge target for malware authors."

The app, itself, focuses on three primary functions. Most users who are familiar with the PC counterpart should recognize the device scanner, which basically detects any malware variants like Trojans, backdoor, and spyware. The latter half is new territory for Malwarebytes: Privacy Manager and App Manager.

The App Manager, itself, is exactly as it sounds: It's a reorganized list of running processes on your Android device that lets you monitor how many resources an app takes up, as well as offering the option to close them. Malwarebytes strips away the extraneous system processes to help users focus solely on the apps that they're familiar with, like downloaded apps. You can also choose to whitelist apps.

The Privacy Manager scans your apps for instances of accessing your private information and breaks it down by which apps access what. Though not exactly a new concept, the organization and presentation of the apps that access your sensitive data are clean and easy to digest, based on our initial impressions. Each feature is broken down into more detailed lists if you're curious about more specific privileges.

The app is available for free from the Google Play store and Download.

If you're looking for the Windows version, you can also grab it here.