Make your Firefox SnapBack

The Firefox extension SnapBack shoehorns the Safari feature into Mozilla's browser, but it's actually a lot more elegant than it sounds.

One of the niftier functions of Apple's Safari browser is the SnapBack function. Now a Firefox extension with the same name of SnapBack introduces this feature to Mozilla users and comes with some helpful options beyond the base function of providing a quick way to return to an impermanent bookmark.

By letting users set an impermanent bookmark, they can carry on with their usual Web browsing behavior, but are never more than one click away from jumping back to the page set as the SnapBack. Excellent for keeping track of main pages when participating in Web forums or other sites where it's easy to lose track of an important page as your drill through the content, SnapBack for Firefox is simple and effective.

SnapBack can be accessed from a toolbar icon as shown, as well as the context menu and the menubar. (Credit: CNET Networks, Inc.)

A toolbar icon makes using the feature easy to get to, but there's also a customizable hotkey command option for those who don't like to take their paws off their keyboards, and you can add SnapBack's option to your context menu.

Beyond setting the SnapBack page and the SnapBack action, the plug-in also has a Clear function for wiping the SnapBack page from memory. Unfortunately, the only way to access the options menu to change the hotkeys is through the main Add-Ons menu. This minor drawback shouldn't keep you from trying this snappy way to return from whence you came.