Make your contact lists smarter on iPhone

Popular e-mail add-on Smartr Contacts gathers information about your contacts from social sites, letting you view a complete profile of contacts from your iPhone, e-mail, and social sites.

Smartr Contacts

How many contact lists do you have? A new iPhone app from Xobni unifies your contact lists into one app (already available for Android), helping you quickly find contact information from a number of sources.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone (Free) unifies your contacts by scanning your iPhone contact list and e-mail contacts, then grabbing information from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, to merge all the available data into a searchable supercharged contact list.

Smartr Contacts
View phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and social accounts on info profile pages. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

You start by adding your Gmail account, then social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Once connected, Smartr Contacts goes to work tying your contact data together, scraping social sites to get you all the latest info. Now if you search from the Smartr landing page in the app, you'll get a compiled list of info including alternate phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each contact.

Even if you don't remember the name of a specific person from a company, you can search on the company name and hit the Common tab on the upper right of the interface, which may turn up the contact in question (through a Facebook friend of the person you entered, for example). With smart searches like these, it's easy to see how Smartr Contacts could be useful in both social and business contexts, letting you not only search your contacts, but find people who are not directly part of your contacts or networking-site circles.

The interface consists of two major elements: the launch page and individual profile pages. On the launch page you have a search box for finding contacts, but Xobni has added a fun (though probably not necessary) addition of random contacts' recent social-site interactions. Each of the social images and Tweets can be touched to open the social-networking site in question.

Smartr Contacts
Touch the history tab to see how many times you've communicated in the last year and a list of e-mails. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Info profile pages have a tabbed interface to show you the main information (numbers, e-mail addresses, and social accounts), then tabs for History and Common (contacts common between you and the contact). Touching the History tab lists all the e-mail conversations you've shared with the contact. You also can view a graph that shows the number of times you've connected with the contact over the last year. The Common tab lists contacts you have in common with a contact, and will show friends of friends for added contact discovery features. One thing to note here is that you cannot add your own notes to contacts, or add numbers or e-mail addresses you might know of that are not listed. The people at Xobni say these features will be included in a later release (and are already available for Xobni's other software offerings).

Even with the current feature set, Smartr Contacts will be useful for those who want to combine contact lists and social sites in one easy-to-use app. Once Xobni has smoothed out some of the rough edges, I expect to see many users grabbing this app to unify their many contact lists.

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