Make research easier with the Googalyzer for Mac

A new Mac app called Googalyzer offers a traditional Web browser with features for organizing research projects and word processing, all from one interface.

Googalyzer adds research and writing tools to a conventional Web browser. (Credit: CNET Networks)

What's your method for research on the Web? If I'm involved with a project that requires searching a lot of sites, I'll probably have a couple of programs running on my Mac, including a browser and some sort of word processing program or text editor.

If I need an outline, I might open another window in my word processing program and set it up there. Taking notes would probably involve opening yet another window for cutting and pasting and adding my own comments. While my usual method is functional, I can tell you from experience that sifting through all the open windows can make things pretty confusing.

I recently found a program that makes the whole process easier. An elegant Mac app called Googalyzer gives you a Web browser with useful search tools, a way to organize separate projects, and a word processor--all within the same interface. You can drag the vertical split-view divider to the right to add, subtract, and manage projects you're working on, while dragging the horizontal divider opens up writing, bibliography, and outlining tools.

With the Googalyzer running, you can work with information off a particular Web site to create an outline, or quickly switch to writing mode without ever switching windows. Searches are made easy with icons across the top of the browserlike interface, which let you choose common Google search filters like News, Images, blogs, or books relating to your subject.

If you have a paper to write or some other type of research, I recommend giving Googalyzer a try. Having all your information in one interface takes much of the confusion out of the process.

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