Mac lands a Flock, gets Chromium bump

A Chromium 7-based Flock lands on the Mac as Windows users also receive the update to the social-networking browser.

Updated at 1:10 p.m. PT with a statement from Flock on the future of the Firefox-based version.

Flock shifted gears from its Mozilla-powered core to Chromium 6 earlier this year, but only for Windows users. Today, the company released a Chromium 7-based version for Mac users, as well as updating its Windows version to Chromium 7.

Flock 3.5 is built on Chromium 7, but it's still behind the most recent version of the Chromium 8-based Google Chrome. (Credit: Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

Available for Windows and Mac, Flock 3.5 adds LinkedIn support and include a refined login system. If you log in to a social-networking site that Flock supports the browser itself is automatically logged in to it, too. Updating to Chromium 7 also pushes Flock ahead of its social-networking competitor RockMelt, and the update includes all the security fixes and performance enhancements that Google Chrome received when it revved to version 7. Flock is still behind Chrome, which is now based on Chromium 8. The security fixes are substantial, so if you do use Flock 3 it's absolutely worth updating. Pre-existing users are expected to receive the update automatically, as Chrome users do.

Flock is concurrently developing the original Mozilla Gecko-based Flock, now up to version 2.6.1 for Windows and Mac users. It supports more social networking services, but is noticeably slower as well. While the social networking browser isn't for everybody, both versions of Flock are in Facebook's top 10 list. A Flock representative stated that the company does have plans to update the Firefox-based version of the browser with Gecko 2.0 after Firefox 4 leaves beta.