Love me, love my toolbars

Saving damsels in malware distress is a turn on--and turn off--for these two system-savvy Romeos.

Nokia N800
Too many toolbars spell malware trouble...or an unhealthy obsession. (Credit: Wikipedia)

For a system-savvy Romeo, saving a damsel in malware distress is one way to win her heart. At least that's the sincerest hope of one teenage boy who helps his crush extinguish malware. Who knew that malicious code could be such an aphrodisiac?

It's just the reverse for Charles, who agrees to help a love interest optimize her system, only to discover that her blinding security ignorance--and excessive toolbars--are an instant turn-off.

But what killjoys got the girls in the first place? Discover the identity of the villainous malware bandits, the assistance of our two heros, and what we editors have to say about it all in this week's Spyware Horror Story, "Geek love".

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