Loom lets you intelligently sync photos Dropbox-style across your devices

Access and save your photos from anywhere on the Web, iPhone, or iPad with this simple Cloud-based image depository.

There are many photo storage services available out there competing for the right to hold our digital memories. Apps like Instagram and Flickr were designed to make sharing photos online easier but were not specifically designed for private storage. Cloud depositories like Dropbox or Google Drive work amazingly well with documents and spreadsheets but not with images or movies. Loom comes onto the scene with a fantastic app to tackle a specific problem in a great way.

The Loom app automatically uploads all of your photos and videos from your iPad and iPhone to be shared interchangeably. The Web and Mac app lets you send photos directly from your PC or Mac. Photos are organized in one unified library, allowing you to browse images by devices or have it sorted in Timeline view. Creating your own albums and sharing photos privately with friends is as easy as selecting specific images or albums and sending a share link.

Why use it?

With professional cameras becoming affordable and cameras on our phones and tablets getting more and more sophisticated, the average person will have their photos spread between a spectrum of devices. Synching these devices together can be a huge time drain. Trying to view vacation photos shot from your fancy DSLR on an iPad used to mean USB cables, a computer, and iTunes. Loom cuts through the sync cables by letting you upload your photos and videos to one place and makes them accessible from anywhere. The app can scale photos to match your devices' display. Images from a PC or Mac will get automatically downsized when viewing on an iPad or iPhone, saving you both bandwidth and time.

Loom is letting users sign up and activating accounts on a rolling basis. Get Loom for Mac and the Web or hit the button for the iOS app.

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