Looks <i>and</i> smarts: Twitterrific for the iPhone

The third-party Twitter-posting service is a gorgeous, full-featured application that makes good use of iPhone's camera and location smarts.

Twitterific logo

Dark and lustrous, Twitterrific for iPhone is one of the best-looking apps from the iTunes App Store I've seen all day. The application, originally built for Mac by software publisher Iconfactory, is a premium Twitter updater a free trial that sells for about $15. This iPhone app, however, comes as a free ad-serving version or as a premium version.

Twitterrific is also one of the more complex applications, and it takes its role as a Twitter service seriously, serving up a an environment, tweeting experience, and navigation--complete with hints!--all its own. Twitterrific has also maximized on the iPhone SDK by integrating location-awareness and camera power to let iPhone and iPod Touch users upload images taken on-the-spot and their location into the message.

While you won't be able to add new friends from Twitterrific's timeline interface, it does come equipped with an internal browser where you can access Twitter.com without leaving behind Twitterrific's embrace. As a show of real customer service, Twitterrific includes shrunken URLs by course, a tutorial for including a Safari bookmarklet for posting tweets from open browser pages, and an optional configuration for southpaws. Not bad for a "simple" Twitter-helping app.

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