LogMeIn now rescuing distressed BlackBerrys

The general availability of LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile is marked by support for flaky BlackBerry phones in need of remote repair.

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile

There's some good news for BlackBerry owners with broken or misbehaving phones on their hands: starting Monday, service providers and company IT departments using LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile to remotely cure mobile phones from whatever ails them can now support BlackBerry phones.

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile is desktop software with a mobile component that lets technicians access the phone's entire file system from their remote dashboard (previous coverage). Prior to this release for BlackBerry OS 4.3+, the remote control software was compatible for Windows Mobile 5+, Symbian UIQ 9.0+, and Symbian S60 7.0+, in addition to Windows desktop and Mac OS X platforms.

In case you start fantasizing about trying out LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile on your little brother's phone, one look at the price will remind you of the app's business purpose: the cost starts at $1,956 per technician per year.

Individuals who want to stick to LogMeIn's more casual remote log-ins for productivity or diagnostic desktop purposes should turn to LogMeIn (Windows | Mac) or LogMeIn Free (Windows).

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