Living with XP

Even though Windows Vista has been out since January, over 80% of all computer users worldwide still use Windows XP. Learn how to make the most of it, and tell us about your favorite XP apps.

Microsoft Windows XP

Although Windows Vista was released back in January 2007, Windows XP still maintains a stranglehold on personal computing. As of June 2007, according to Net Applications, Windows XP is used by 81 percent of all computer users, compared with 5 percent for Vista and 6 percent for Mac OS and MacIntel combined.

In his weekly column, Killer Download, Jason Parker recently took a look at three popular freeware apps that can extend the power and lifespan of your Windows XP system. CCleaner, RAMBooster, and Auslogics Disk Defrag have all become essential XP tools for those of us on the CNET team.

Have you switched over to Windows Vista, or are you hanging onto Windows XP as long as you can? If it's the latter, what are your favorite applications for extending the power of Windows XP? Tell me about it in the comments.

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