Little Firefox add-on makes simple macros

We introduce you to a free Firefox extension that records your movements and replays them at your whim, and another add-on that can customize your tabs' behavior in dozens of ways.

DejaClick for Firefox
DejaClick for Firefox (Credit: Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

Being able to set multiple home pages to load when you launch Firefox is one of the browser's best built-in features. But what if your daily browsing routine is a mite more complicated? Perhaps you have a series of complex log-ins or a page you need to navigate into deeper before you can get to the information you need.

Meet DejaClick, a free Firefox extension that records your movements and replays them at your whim. It essentially creates macros that you can name and launch after installing DejaClick. We're not usually fans of toolbars, and DejaClick does have a slight learning curve, but those looking to automate a list of browser events would do well to check this app out. Note that DejaClick works for Firefox 3.5, but not yet for versions beyond that. iMacros is another option; it's compatible for builds of Firefox up to 3.7a1pre.

Speaking of Firefox, we're fans of the way that Firefox 3.6 beta 4 now opens new tabs adjacent to the one you've highlighted when you click Control + T or select New Tab from the File Menu. Those using an earlier stable version of Firefox can achieve much of the same functionality and more with Tab Mix Plus. The powerful add-on lets you customize tabs' behavior down to locking, merging, and freezing tabs, letting them march onto a second line, and changing their coloring.

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