Let's get real about RealPlayer 10

RealPlayer's classic digital-media player still rocks MP3s like it ought to, and shovels on other audio and visual features to boot. Yet some users say it's too bloated and self-promotional for its own good.

Classics buffs will remember RealPlayer as the first major digital-media player to sweep the MP3 world. RealPlayer 10 (for Mac and Windows ) sees the legacy of managing your digital library and playing tunes, and ups the ante with added features for optimizing tunes and video. Yet information-choked tabs and constant promotions for premium service get real old, real fast--especially when other (truly) free services out there offer most of RealPlayer's features, minus the open, expectant palm.

Will RealPlayer 11 beta's live video streaming feature amp up the product's appeal? Check out a sneak peek of RealPlayer 11 in action in the First Look video below. What do you think? Is RealPlayer just as good now as it was back then?

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