Keep all of your log-ins secure with PasswordBox announces its official launch with a slew of new features and the release of a mobile app for iOS and Android.

A couple of months ago we reviewed the beta version of the surprisingly convenient online password manager from On Tuesday, Dan Robichaud, CEO of PasswordBox, has just announced the official release of PasswordBox and introduced some new features as well as the mobile app releases for iOS and Android.

PasswordBox lets you perform one-click log-in to all of your favorite sites from previously stored accounts. Just download the client, which is available as an add-on/extension for IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Create a account and Master Password and you're ready to go. You can either manually input your log-in information or just surf the Web normally and the add-on will automatically save your account info. From your frequently visited sites for the next time you need to log in. Featuring military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, everything is kept on the client side to protect you from snoopers listening in. This can free up your mind from having to remember the huge accumulation of passwords and account names that normally build up online.

With the launch, PasswordBox announced some new features, along with some crowd favorites.

  • Time-saving One-click log-in -- PasswordBox offers a secure one-click log-in to your favorite Web sites on all devices.
  • Instant StartPage -- The first and only stop to access all of your favorite and bookmarked sites with one-click log-in, directly from your browser's new tab.
  • Legacy Vault -- PasswordBox offers users the ability to protect their digital assets with the Legacy Vault.
  • Encrypted social account sharing -- PasswordBox provides easy social sharing to anyone you trust.
  • Strong password generator -- Weak passwords and unsafe password habits, like using your dog's name or "12345" are things of the past with the Strong Password Generator.
  • One-tap log-in for Web sites and apps -- With a single tap, mobile users can log in to their favorite Web sites and mobile apps on their devices.

They've also announced the official launch of their iOS and Android applications with the same utility and functions as the browser counterpart.

Operating similarly to the Dropbox model, PasswordBox lets you store up to 25 passwords for free before upgrading to the premium model ($1 per month). You can also invite friends and family to potentially unlock unlimited storage capacity. Check out our official review here.

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