iPhone racer gets a big update

One of the best games for the iPhone just received a major free update. Get a rundown of all the additions, enhancements, and details about the free SlotZ Racer update here.


My favorite game so far for the iPhone just got even better and it's definitely worthy of its own Download blog post. To be clear, this is not my iPhone apps of the week post which will appear on Friday as usual. It's just an update I think all players of this game should know about.

SlotZ Racer
Four new cars have been added including the new TypeZ Drift. (Credit: CBS Interactive)

SlotZ Racer ($2.99) just received a free major update and it is definitely a must have for fans of this slot-racing simulator. The game was already a steal at the $2.99 price tag, featuring excellent graphics, different racing modes to choose from, multiplayer on a single phone(!), unlockable cars, and the capability to make your own tracks. But this latest update adds several new features and it's absolutely free to owners of the game.

SlotZ Racer
Even with the drift car you'll need to slow down a bit in curves to avoid wipeouts (Credit: CBS Interactive)

The new Track Manager lets you e-mail your track creations to your friends or transfer them over a Wi-Fi network. Added scenery objects and textures let you add stuff like grandstands, gravel pits, bridges, and tunnels to your racetracks. They've added five new camera modes so you can view the action just the way you want with more moving cameras and an added helicopter camera. There also are four new cars you can race with including a drift-style car which hangs on to the track a little better in turns. But to unlock some of the new cars you'll need to win trophies in the new "Strict" mode that requires you to finish races in a championship without restarts. (You shouldn't have been doing that anyway, you big cheater).

SlotZ Racer
Add scenery to your tracks like grandstands and gravel traps (Credit: CBS Interactive)

Other smart additions to the game include the capability to shake your iPhone to undo your last created track piece in Track Edit mode or to start a race from the main menu. They also now let you build four-level tracks for even more intricate track designs. Frankly, the list goes on and on and I'm amazed how much they have added in this free update. If you haven't already bought SlotZ Racer, I highly recommend it even if you're not a full-blown racing fan. With all the features and options, this game will be fun for just about anyone.

Have you tried SlotZ yet? What do you think of this giant update? Got a cool track design you want to share? Send me a track e-mail (address: jparker@cnet.com) or let me know in the comments!

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