Introducing CNET TechTracker 1.0

CNET TechTracker is a new, free Windows application for helping you keep the software on your computer up-to-date. Because using moldy, old apps is just gross.

About a month ago, we revealed CNET TechTracker beta, a new, free application for Windows computers that helps you make certain your installed apps are up-to-date. After receiving feedback from an army of volunteer testers, CNET now introduces the first general release of CNET TechTracker 1.0.

Here's a crash course on how it works. You download CNET TechTracker to your PC, where it spends a few minutes scanning your hard drive for all your software. After that, every time a new update arrives, you'll see an alert message pop up from the TechTracker icon in the task tray. You can also hover the cursor over the icon to see how many updates await, or click the icon to list them by name.

The TechTracker app saves the version details on a personalized Web page where you can download the most recent update for your outdated software, and see at a glance which other programs you have installed. It is CNET's editorial policy not to review our own software, but we'd love for you to review us. Give CNET TechTracker 1.0 a spin. Then, tell us what you like and what you think could use work. The TechTracker team is listening.

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