Infinite Jukebox: Your favorite song ... forever

Sometimes listening to the pop earworms like "Gangnam Style" or "Call Me Maybe" on repeat isn't enough. Infinite Jukebox dissects and matches similar song parts to create remixes that never end.

It all started with Infinite Gangnam Style. For Music Hack Day Reykjavik, Paul Lamere, Director of Development Platform for the "music intelligence" company The Echo Nest, took Psy's "Gangnam Style" sensation to the next technological level. By breaking down the song into parts and matching similar parts in various patterns, he created a dynamic remix of the song that never ends. For Music Hack Day Boston last weekend, he modified and updated the musical algorithm to work with (nearly) any song, resulting in the webware app Infinite Jukebox, with the tagline "For when your favorite song just isn't long enough."

Although servers are getting slammed this week (putting the site into "Call Me Maybe" mode), the app works by letting users upload any MP3 file they want, then providing a permanent URL for the infinite remix, with a super cool visualization of the song's "beats" and "paths."

Each block in this visualization of R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" represents one beat. (Credit: CNET)
According to a blog post on Lamere's Music Machinery site:

The app works by sending your uploaded track over to The Echo Nest, where it is decomposed into individual beats. Each beat is then analyzed and matched to other similar sounding beats in the song. This information is used to create a detailed song graph of paths through similar sounding beats. As the song is played, when the next beat has similar sounding beats there's a chance that we will branch to a completely different part of the song. Since the branching is to a very similar sounding beat in the song, you (in theory) won't notice the jump. This process of branching to similar sounding beats can continue forever, giving you an infinitely long version of the song.

In theory, Infinite Jukebox is an awesome idea. In reality, since the servers are getting slammed, you'll be lucky to get a taste of one of the pre-existing infinite mixes. I wouldn't count on getting your own MP3 files uploaded any time soon. But, oh when I can, you can be sure I'll be creating that never-ending mix of Lamahl's "Never Ending Story." META INFINITY! (Oh, wait a minute ... I don't have to. It's already here. Phew.)

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