Images done well on your Mac

I found a program for the Mac that makes editing images and sending them to the Web a snap. Check out ImageWell on this Mac edition of the Daily Download.

A small interface hides big features. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the U.S., and if you're like many (me included) you probably spent the day with friends and family, and maybe watched some fireworks when the summer sun finally went down. Chances are you dusted off the barbecue for chicken, hot dogs, and burgers, and maybe even had potato salad or other picnic foods. Another common practice with these types of gatherings, of course, is getting out your digital camera and taking a bunch of fun pictures.

Now that the fun is over, you might be thinking about editing and transferring those pictures to your blog or some other photo site. If you're looking for an easy way to get those pictures ready for prime time, I found a little program that offers a lot of useful tools you can download for the Mac.

The program is called ImageWell and, though the drag-and-drop-enabled interface seems sparse at the outset (it's a tiny program on screen), it offers lots of hidden features to get your images ready for the Internet. A simple image editor lets you rename, crop, rotate, scale, and add fun shapes (like thought balloons) to your images. You can add drop shadows, opacity, and watermarks with custom text as well. But the best part about ImageWell is the ability to transfer images directly to the Web. ImageWell supports several popular image sites like Flikr, ImageShack, and SmugMug, but you can also send them via FTP or upload them directly to your iDisk. You can even set it to resize all images to your specifications and automatically send them to these sites as you add them. Its one drawback is that you can only transfer one image at a time, but for blog posting or adding to your Flikr, it's a great tool.

Though the holiday is over and a lot of us are back at work, maybe when you get home tonight you can get started working on your Fourth of July pictures so everyone can check out your own personal slice of Americana.

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