Image editing made easy

This week's Download Dispatch for Mac includes Acorn, Synergy, and Linklines. Get all the latest Mac software news and updates in the Download Dispatch for Mac.

Acorn is an easy-to-use but still relatively feature-filled image editor that provides a lower-cost alternative to professional editing programs. What makes this app most appealing is its ease of use and raw speed. Acorn takes full advantage of Snow Leopard (which is required), opening, saving, and performing many operations faster than ever. Snow Leopard users looking for a quick image-editing app should definitely check Acorn out.

Also this week we have the latest update for Synergy, the utility that brings your iTunes controls into the menubar for easy access. Our game this week is LinkLines, the simple yet oddly addicting game in which you connect like-colored balls to make lines in an effort to stay alive as long as possible.

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