IE9 puts Microsoft back in the game

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Back in the 1990s, Microsoft's browser competed fiercely with Netscape's and won, but then the company sat back and left the innovation to others. Even though Internet Explorer remains the most-used browser on the Net today, convincing one of our reporters that the latest, IE9, is a real browser was quite an accomplishment. Find out what made Stephen Shankland decide that Microsoft is back in the browser game.

For those of you fond of SMS payments, don't forget to think about security because some evil-minded folks have found ways to take the profit themselves. There's a new twist with the appearance of some fake antivirus scareware that accepts payment via SMS. Of course, a payment does nothing to "fix" a system and means criminals now have your money and possibly your credit card information.

And in happier news, it's almost time to gorge on massive amounts of chocolate bunnies. While you're waiting, check out six awesome Easter apps.