IceBrkr changes London mobile dating game

The UK start-up harnesses SMS messages and swank bars to get singles face-to-face.


If Sex and the City popularized the punishments of urban dating, IceBrkr, a London start-up, offers a chance to get through them less battered and bruised.

The Web site, designed to be accessed from desktops and mobile phones, keeps a guest list of IceBrkr members frequenting a select London hot spot, like pub, club, coffee shop, or bar on a given evening. Subscribing singles can spy who's coming, then send text messages to other guys and gals whose online pictures catch their fancy, and await a request to approach or to politely scram.

IceBrkr's free SMS method may help singles avoid the awkward, icy exchanges of barroom chat-ups for both parties involved. While currently restricted to the London scene, IceBrkr's model, should it prove successful, could expand to other major UK and world cities.

IceBrkr is currently available on 11 UK networks (select the drop-down list).

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