How to detect and remove keyloggers, plus restartless add-ons for Firefox

The latest in download news this week.

The Samsung laptop keylogger scare turns out to have been just that--a bad scare. Still, it's a good idea to know how to detect and remove this software if you think somebody is recording your keystrokes. In this video, we show you how to check for keyloggers, and how to remove it using Security Task Manager.

For the masses that have already downloaded Firefox 4, there's a new feature for you to enjoy: Firefox 4's new support for "restartless add-ons." Along with this comes the debut of a second catalog that you can install or remove without restarting your browser. Here's a roundup of 13 top restartless Firefox add-ons.

And finally, with the recent happenings of WonderCon, it seems a good time to check in on the state of digital comics for tablets, which continues to evolve.