Home run derby game for iPhone goes on sale

A fun and challenging home-run derby game for iPhone is on sale--today only. Play for your personal-best score or challenge other players online in this well-made game.


I usually write about iPhone apps at the end of the week, but today (and only today) there is a sale on a game that is too good to pass up. In celebration of the MLB home-run derby and all-star game this week, developer's Com2uS have decided to have a 1-day sale on their extremely popular game Baseball Slugger 3D (usually $2.99). You can get the game today for only 99 cents and, after having played the game, I can tell you it is definitely more than worth the money.

I had initially passed over this title because I already bought Gamevil's Baseball Superstars 2009 (another great baseball game). But instead of playing a complete baseball game, Baseball Slugger 3D is all about competing in the home-run derby either for your personal high score, or against other players online.

Baseball Slugger 3D
Tilt your iPhone to line up your bat in the strike zone and touch the screen to take a swing (Credit: CNET)

The control system is excellent--tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to adjust where you will swing in the strike zone. When the pitch crosses the plate, touch the screen anywhere to swing. It takes some practice to be able to line up your bat with different types of pitches, but you get the hang of it fairly quickly. The challenge is in hitting several home runs in a row, which you'll need to practice if you plan on trying your luck against other skilled players online. I should also point out, the system for online matching with other players is superb, letting you start playing almost immediately. As you play, you can even see how your opponent is doing with a picture-in-picture display in the upper-right part of your screen.

Even if you have only a passing interest in baseball, Baseball Slugger 3D is so well-made that it would be worth the money at its regular price of $2.99. But for 99 cents, this home run hitter is a no-brainer with good-looking 3D graphics, customizable uniforms, great controls, and seamless online gameplay.

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