Hit Rhythm Game Cytus II Dances its Way onto Android

Unlike Dance Dance Revolution, you can play Cytus II on your phone or tablet.

We haven't gotten to the point where you can play Dance Dance Revolution with a phone, but rhythm games like Cytus II may have you busting a move with your fingers in the meantime. Revealed at the end of 2015 but not released until this year, you can feel the polish and passion that's gone into this game -- and the pent-up anticipation, as it's quickly become one of the top music games on the iOS App Store since its debut a few weeks ago. Now it's out on Android for $1.39 (regularly $1.99), with no ads, timers, or other common mobile gaming annoyances. At this price, it's worth a look, even if you're not into rhythm games.

In Cytus II, a horizontal line will scan up and down across your screen on its own, and dots will pop up that you must interact with when they touch the line. The dots will have different visual cues to show you how to interact with them. The blue circles just need a tap, while others need a long tap or a swipe along a trail of dots. They'll all pop up in time with the music, which helps you anticipate bursts of high-intensity whack-a-mole. Cytus II eases you in with some relatively relaxed levels at first, but it's definitely a twitch game in the long run. People with slow reflexes or motor function handicaps should probably try something less demanding.

But for those taking the plunge, there's a surprising amount of value here. The only in-app purchases are for alternate characters. You don't have to collect or buy any currency, nor roll the dice on loot boxes. The extra characters unlock a wider variety of music and are $9.99 each, but you can at least ignore that relatively expensive option until you've decided whether or not you want to invest in it.

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