Hardest Game Ever 2... even harder than the first

So does that make the first iteration "Formerly the Hardest Game Ever?"

Hardest Game Ever 2 for Android and iOS is a pack of several reaction- and time-based mini-challenges in the form of wacky, everyday activities. Such activities range from scooping ice cream to running to the bathroom without falling to your death.

Each play per mini-game requires a "star," the game's own currency. Think of it as an arcade credit. And yes, the game immediately starts to reek of a freemium model, but to its credit it's actually quite fun.

The challenges aren't all that difficult at first, but the games start to become exponentially harder as the objectives and your urge to score an S rank intertwine. HGE2 has enough mini-games to test your skills through a combination of precision, reflex, and speed in a Japanese-style arcade manner.

Note that although the games may be fun, they are short lived; after 50 tries or so, HGE2 quickly ramps up an aggressive series of ads and tedious, roundabout user flow to get users to pay for the game or click on banners. Unlocking "Arcade mode," which removes ads and gives you instant retries, is available for about $0.99; not too shabby for a collection of mini-games. It's especially noticeable for a game that's so reflex heavy; bumping into an ad in the middle of forcing a retry is frustrating in itself and probably worth removing.



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