Hands on the BlackBerry Wallet

A new free BlackBerry app keeps personal account information secure and at the ready.

I must admit, my interlude with the new BlackBerry Wallet in the quiet, early morning hours has been a bit of a letdown. That's because I'm comparing it with eWallet Professional and CodeWallet Pro, neither of which is available for BlackBerry (they patrol Windows Mobile territory, and in eWallet's case, Palm's,) and both of which guard much more information than credit card, gift card, password, and loyalty card numbers and details.

What I like about the other two wallets (reviewed side-by-side here) is their wide definition of sensitive data. If you're reaching for your smartphone to look up credit card details for an online purchase, then tapping it for your auto insurance info, your bank account password, or your driver's license digits gives the application that much more value.

Other than these druthers for greater breadth, the BlackBerry Wallet is a fine start to a greatly useful tool. The intuitive interface retains the familiar wallet tree structure and locks after 10 failed password attempts. BlackBerry Wallet is free, and is an easy download via the mobile browser at http://mobile.blackberry.com.

[Via The Boy Genius Report via BerryReview]

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