Grandma's in a pickle

You're never too old to surf the Internet wave, just make sure you're aware of the risks and threats when you do. In this week's Spyware Horror Story, meet one keyboard-pounding senior whose love of screensavers landed her in a load of security trouble.

Spyware Horror Story image

You're never too young or old to become a download fanatic--or a victim of online threats (just lay your peepers on our security glossary for an unsavory taste of what's out there.)

Some seniors, like my octogenarian grandma, keep their computer use simple with one trusty program that fulfills a basic need, minus extra frills. Others go wild with downloads and customizations for their desktop and browser. Find out how the 71-year-old dame of this week's Spyware Horror Story got her system into a pickle and how her neighbor's friend tried to pull her out in "Beware of granny."

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