Got 'banned' on Android? There's an app store for that

The guiding force behind CyanogenMod, the most popular custom Android ROM, proposes a unique Android marketplace where people can download ROMs, apps, and emulators that you won't find on Google or Amazon.

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As CyanogenMod skates past 1 million active users, making it by far the most popular custom flavor of Android around, one of its main developers has asked the Android community if there's interest in creating an app store for Android modders and their fans.

Koushik Datta suggested a marketplace designed for apps, ROMs, and emulators that Google refuses to host and carriers refuse to allow. Not surprisingly, the answer he got was resoundingly positive.

Dutta, also known as Koush, said in a Google Plus post earlier this month that the time was coming for an app store that specialized in rooted Androids. He's laid out a couple of goals for the project, including that it would be open to all custom ROMs, and not just the CyanogenMod ROM that he spearheads. He proposed that it host apps that have been removed or blocked from Google's Market, including one-click root apps, connection tethering apps, emulators, Visual Voicemail apps, and even other custom ROMs.

Another suggestion he made was to take a page from Apple's now-industry defining playbook and have a portion of sales go to the support of CyanogenMod.

The post was well-received, including more than 1,700 +1's, 656 shares, and 500 comments. Feedback ranged from one person's simple, "Epic Sauce," while others raised concerns about the proposal's legality, how carriers would react, and whether the focus would be the business of selling apps or creating a good user experience.

Several security concerns were raised, too, such as preventing malware from being disguised as legit apps, app vetting, and implementing a payment method securely. (I couldn't link directly to those comments because Google Plus doesn't allow comments to be anchored or permalinked, but they are under the original post.)

Dutta also revealed that before he suggested the modder's marketplace, he had approached Amazon about including their Android market in CyanogenMod, but wrote that he was "brushed off" for now.