Google Toolbar 7 for IE, uTorrent 3 beta, and snarky iPhone fun

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Though perhaps not as exciting as technicolor chicken eggs or chocolate bunny rabbits, here's a roundup of some of this week's news from

Google Toolbar 7 finally hit IE this week. This newest version of the popular toolbar gives IE users more robust privacy options, a cleaner interface, and Google Instant--all without any impact on browser start time. But please note: if you're already jumping on this upgrade as you read this, the installer will also install Google Toolbar for Firefox. That means you'll have to go into Firefox and disable it if you only want it in one of your browsers.

Another popular download made a noteworthy leap this week as uTorrent 3.0 graduated to beta. This newest release can stream videos and music while the files are still downloading, using progressive and sequential download technology. It's a convenient feature for previewing before committing to a full download. Read more about the program's impressive new features here.

For our Mobile users, snarky '90s trivia favorite You Don't Know Jack has resurrected in the iTunes app store, and Skype for Android can finally make 3G VoIP calls. Plus, if you want to learn how to hack your Android device, be sure to watch CNET editor Seth Rosenblatt's latest series of video tutorials.