Google Maps now provides live transit updates

Google Maps takes some of the guessing out of your commute by providing live transit updates.

If you've ever used public transportation, you know that buses and trains don't always run according to schedule. Things happen, and transit schedules can't always account for station delays, detours, or construction, leaving you more or less guessing what time you'll eventually arrive at your destination.

Well, starting today, Google Maps for mobile and desktop provides live transit updates in select cities, taking some of the annoying guesswork out of your commute. Instead of seeing what time your bus is supposed to arrive, you'll see what time your bus will actually arrive, meaning you'll be late to work a lot less often.

Now when you tap on a transit station icon or plan a transit route one your mobile device you'll see live departure times along with any service alerts or station delays. It works on the newest Google Maps for Mobile app for mobile devices, as well as on mobile and desktop browsers.

For now, live transit updates are only available in four U.S. and two European cities: Boston; Portland, Ore.; San Diego; San Francisco; Madrid; and Turin, Italy. Hopefully Google will partner up with more transit agencies soon, as otherwise many of us will just continue to make our bosses very angry.